About Us

TEM GRUPA d.o.o. is a family business that took years of experience in order to take shape in its current form. Always striving to provide more than transfers for our clients, we come from a military and special forces background.

Safety, accuracy, communication and reliability are our core strengths, and if you give us your trust we will give you 100% of our abilities.

Business transfers or regular transfers, longer tours or just one day tours with our expert guidance are just a part of our offer for which we have received great reviews. We consider your satisfaction our greatest reward.

Besides regular transfers, we are able to offer VIP transfers with a mobile and onsite security detail.

Security – VIP protection we offer is rooted in our decade long military and police experience.
From this experience we have incorporated specific  guidelines we consider mandatory in fulfilling any client’s request, and which enable us to thouroughly plan and successfully carry out our job.


Malogorička 56
10410 Velika Gorica

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